We’re Hall & Mirrors, a production company founded to create unique and significant works of theatrical art.

We want to explore the boundaries of the that art — particularly the ways in which theater can be designed to provide genuine emotional connection and exploration with an audience.  We’re excited by what we see as “gaps” on the theatrical landscape — in particular the absence of what we’ve come to call "fine theatre.”  There is fine dining and there is fine wine.  There are carefully and meticulously crafted versions of almost every experience or item a person can purchase on earth.  We’re excited because we believe that there is room for deliberate, meticulous, wondrous works of theater the likes of which the world has never seen.  That sounds extravagant, we know, but that is the art we’re successfully creating right now.  It’s working for audiences.  It’s working for critics.  It’s working each performance as we explore deeper into that central artistic goal: the creation of genuine emotional connections and experiences between an audience and a group of talented actors.  We’re excited to share this new world with our audience — we’re excited to share it with you.

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