"A minor miracle had occurred without my even noticing: my prickly inner critic had softened considerably."

"YOU is not even your stoned beatnik uncle’s idea of quadruple-off-Broadway esoterica."

"If you’ve ever wondered what it felt like to be, say, the Pope (or even Springsteen), this is about as close as you may ever get."

"A midsummer evening purportedly devoted to me had somehow become a matter of we."

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"Anyone who still insists the theater is an irrelevant heirloom art in the age of the digital handheld device hasn’t been paying attention."

"Perhaps even more extraordinary for a show that comes complete with a personal concierge for each ticket holder and provides limousine service to the secret, 10,000-square-foot downtown warehouse that contains the production’s designed environments, YOU performs each night before an audience of one."

"It demands that the audience member become the central participatory character in narratives that tend to be experienced as highly subjective and powerfully introspective self-encounters."

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"The mad bastards went and did it, I thought. They really went and did it."

"One-act plays that run the gamut from the epic to the satirical, all snapped together by the cast in one of the four black-box style performance spaces (plus the bar) that are delineated by clean cut, abstract set pieces and sharp lighting effects."

"The idealized version of a life in the theatre, compressed down into a black box that was separated from the rest of reality...Writer-producer Edward Tucker and director Daniel Student are quite good at what they do."

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